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Aluminium IQOS dose with ceramic coat cover, we call it heetray from the word ashtray

Do you enjoy IQOS super cool smoking without mess and stink? Surely you already found out that there is no place where you can save the smoked heels. Very stylish aluminum dose with a ceramic surface is a stylish complement for your home!


If you liked smoking at home, I am sure you happily threw out all the ashtrays and now you are enjoying your fragrant household. But where to store your smoked HEETS? The stylish beautiful design box serves as a subtle heetray and also its interesting design home accessory.

Although the dose appears to be quite large, thanks to the narrow throat you can store here about 20 smoked HEETS. This beautiful dose prevents the spread of odor from smoked stuff. After you smoked 20 HEETS, its necessary to unscrew heetray in the middle and empty it.

Heetray is not the cheapest thing, in the manufacturer's eshop it cost about 30EUR. Now you know where to store smoked HEETS at home. but what to do in a car? If you want to spend some money, you can also have autodoses.

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