Cleaning sticks and filters for IQOS - Where to get them?

IQOS cleaning sticks are available in most newsagents and HEETS stores, approximately for 4 € / 30 pcs. This is not a very good price and therefore customers are often looking for a cheaper alternative.


Original cleaning sticks are very similar to cotton swabs but are significantly thinner, so it is better to buy the baby size ones, and then impregnate them with pure alcohol (ethanol) you buy in every pharmacy or drugstore.

The cheapest cotton swabs can be bought online, for example on Amazon or Aliexpress. Postage is usually free with delivery within 4-6 weeks.


We strongly advise against experimenting with technical gasoline, vinegar or lemon juice, as there might come someone who would recommend it to you. The heating plate is made of gold and platinum compounds that can easily be damaged.

Another add-on that you can buy on Aliexpress is the insert you put in the holder, which then helps to maintain your IQOS device cleaner for longer periods of time. It is up to you whether you are willing to place this unknown material in the place where the greatest heat occurs, as it isn't clear which chemical compounds might this unknown material release.


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