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Debunked: Is IQOS a health risk? Coughing, bleeding of gums, headache, gaining weight

IQOS is not without risk, although it produces less harmful pollutants, sometimes claimed to be up to 95%, it's still producing nicotine, which is a very addictive, health-threatening substance.


From the discussions in our Facebook group under the label IQOS Health Impact we compiled a list of various possible responses to the use of HEETS in IQOS. IQOS, according to the Swiss study, produces up to 95% fewer pollutants, but it does not deal with health reactions. It's important to say that these are subjective and non-professional impressions our users have had.

All the symptoms, and especially their explanations, are observation-based only, they are not measured and can not be taken as more important than the opinion of an expert. If you face any health problem, no matter when, forget about IQOS and consult with your doctor.

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IQOS and coughing

You unpack your IQOS, push HEETS in and start warming up. These first steps involve most readers, as well as the coughing after the first few puffs. Warm smoke is a surprise for the beginner and most people approach it like a cigarette. IQOS is different. You need to drag soft and for a long time, with longer pauses between the puffs, it's just a matter of habit. With the third fill, the beginner's shock goes away and you start to enjoy the unusual taste.


However, the cough does not disappear right away. The morning ritual of the massive coughing up of the mucus from the cigarettes is immediately replaced by the less-intense continuous cough, as your lungs are being cleansed. We've already described what you cough up, black particles are visible to the naked eye.


As the cough begins to disappear, breathing will improve, you will know it after a few days, and radical improvements are confirmed by the spirometry measurement, in some cases, according to physicians, results are comparable to non-smokers. This is the most visible change when converting to IQOS.


Dry mouth, acne and worsening of the skin

Another fact when using IQOS is dryness in the mouth and on the lips. Warm smoke causes a feeling of drying, the lips respond to contact with the heated filter. This condition is not fundamentally annoying and, as a rule, permanent, it is simply necessary to receive enough fluids, which will benefit the whole body.


In particular, women occasionally complain about the return of acne and total wrinkling of the skin. Again, it is a symptom of cleaning the body. Certainly, you know that cigarettes devastate the skin, inhaling substances dry up the skin that is ageing very quickly. After converting to IQOS, the skin begins to re-grease again, which in some women leads to acne. Nothing pleasant, but in the course of time, the condition will come to normal and you will only gain, this time in the beauty of fighting wrinkles.


Increased sensitivity and gum bleeding

Individuals describe increased gum bleeding during dental cleansing. IQOS does not cause it, but some of the ingredients contained in the inhaled steam can support it. First of all, it means that you should consult the bleeding with your dentist because you have a problem with your teeth. The same substance can cause the occurrence of aphtha even in people who have never suffered of it before. Both symptoms usually disappear in about half a year, if not, talk to your doctor.


A headache and a strange feeling in stomach

At times, some users mention a headache, in some cases even a stomachache. Most often it seems to be coming from the occasional smokers. All HEETS variants contain the same amount of nicotine, about 0.5 mg per cartridge, which is almost a half less than in cigarettes. We speculate that because of the more effective way of inhalation, when most tobacco does not burn, the body gets much more nicotine. Nicotine is a violent poison, its stomach irritation is proven and can cause head trauma or pain. The solution is to intake more fluids, or to reduce the dose and, of course, never use it on an empty stomach. Symptoms will soon disappear.


Allergic skin reactions

Ingredients contained in glycerine may cause allergic reactions to the skin, increased skin sensitivity, or a slight rash. The author was the only one who met with the large red stomach stains in the second month of use that had disappeared spontaneously. 


Gaining weight

And finally one evergreen. Are you fat? Start moving :-) Although nicotine is definitely accelerating the burning of metabolism and it is verified that the end of smoking causes a short-term weight gain, IQOS should not be concerned. As we have described above, you have enough nicotine, rather a surplus.


But it's a fact that, according to Facebook, quite a lot of people get fat. The solution is easy to write... With IQOS you didn't stop smoking but you have done something incredibly great for your body, but you should go even further and add some movement. Within a month, you'll appreciate it because endorphin is a much better drug than the nicotine you are used to. You've rid yourself of a cigarette ritual and you may stop smoking completely, it's effortless today, but that's another just another myth.


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