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How to see your IQOS among friends or family at first sight? Mark it or you are without a guarantee

IQOS spreads like an avalanche. Among the friends goes hand in hand, what causing unexpected difficulties that we have known in the past with lighters. Did you come home from the bar in a pub or from friends with "your" IQOS?


IQOS makes a legitimate interest in the area. Owners act as ambassadors, they are the center of attention in their surroundings, they show it and lend to all those are interested and convert new and new users. The problem is already at home between partners. How do they know their device if they have the same color? Do they use their own HeatStick? In case of a claim, they can easily find the serial number from their registration in the official store and find the "right". But what in the restaurant or cafe?

So far, we've only "stole" the lighters. Everybody well-known buddies who leave a visit or meet in a restaurant with half the cuts on the table, and at home they are surprised that they have full pockets. And I'm not counting those who have it at discos like sports. But how do I identify my own IQOS when more owners come together?

Are you "designing" your IQOS? Do not buy or non-original covers, it could be dangerous!

Mark your own IQOS

The easiest way is to mark both parts. For example, you can store a rechargeable base in silicone cases or stick with hundreds of stickers of various motifs available on the Internet for a few EURS or more. Whoever likes to retain original design can label his charger inconspicuously, for example, on the side of the technical description with a dot, scratch, or other unique feature. Another option is to have a free lettering in the IQOS Lounge inscription or name directly on the charger (more in the next article).

With the shooter it's easier, you can even have it engraved. The top cover for the cigarette insertion can be replaced and immediately becomes the subject of fashion. You can buy an original mouthpiece in many colors in the official stores around 250CZK, you can also buy other kinds of products like AliExpress or other Chinese markets, but I do not recommend it, you never know what the cap is made of and if it has been tested for releasing pollutants during heating. But never apply the sticker to your holder, it can be dangerous! 

Write down your serial number

The only really safe way is to write a serial number to your cell phone and check it out when you leave the meeting. You can find it on the side of the charger and on the holder under the top cover. The serial number should be assigned to your IQOS account from your dealer, if you bought it differently, register it in your account by yourself at the official site.


Get limited editions

A little bit more expensive solution to the difficult situation is to buy a limited IQOS edition. You can get the red IQOS Ruby for 99EUR or IQOS Blue, Pink or even IQOS Metal Red from import. This solution has one more advantage, you will be really the center of attention and maybe the envy of your friends.

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