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Original IQOS desktop charger with two USB ports

Desktop charger is very interesting accessory for IQOS. The device is not anymore just lying on the table, but it is stylishly recharged in the original well-designed stand available in two colors.


Philip Morris has expanded its list of accessories to a desktop recharger. IQOS os plugged in from the top with a light "click" into the connector. The desktop charger itself is plugged via micro USB cable (not included) into an electric plug. It is ideal to use an original source from IQOS or another with a minimum output of 2.1A. Plus of the desktop charger is a separate USB output, that can be used as the charger for the phone.

On eshop are Navy (black) or White option. It's expensive, like other accessories, but it's so beautiful and nicely designed, that its worth that price. You can order one from official IQOS website for 49 EUR. 


Other interesting accessories can be found in your Accessories section - I am sure you can use your designed and original heetray for used HEETS.   



IQOS desktop charger


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