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Review: How did i get two IQOS for Christmas and how I use both of them

Christmas is the beautiful time of the year and it is great to tell your family in time what gift will make you happy. You can avoid weird gifts from China, socks, and slippers. But you are risking, that you'll get one thing twice.


My family can't miss my enthusiasm for IQOS. I didn't talk about anything else for weeks and when I borrowed one for a week just before Christmas time, I had to be really annoying. But I liked the attention I had. Since the first smartphones, I haven't experienced for a long time to be the center of attention wherever I went with IQOS. At least, now you are reading an article on the website where I am gathering the best advice, news and tutorials for you and you also probably came from the Facebook group I made.

Lending IQOS just before Christmas was a strategic move - everyone noticed what would make me happy and dod not think about more things to buy. I killed two flies with one hit. Every year I make wrinkles to everyone when they are asking about Christmas gifts and I am ordering just socks or slippers.

One day before Christmas Eve it came, my mom drew a full part of her retirement and was glad that this year will not give me some terrible piece of art like.. porcelain deer or other stuff. The nice guy, dealer Jirka brought my white love and my enthusiasm grew when I discovered that the test piece was already old and my new IQOS warm and heat my cigar much more deliciously.


In the evening my brother was calling. From the Christmas wishes the conversation turned to IQOS and he patiently listened to my enthusiasm. I should have noticed that he didn't share it so much, but I didn't find out his plans, even if he admitted, that he wanted to buy me one too. And that tomorrow he will come with gifts. 


Tomorrow was actually in a few hours. In rush, we changed hugs and wishes. I just gladly showed my new white dummy to my brother and his girlfriend and took over my the gift bag without even looking at it. Only one sentence surprised me - if something was wrong, I should call the dealer. I just raised my eyebrows in the query and get the assurance that I will understand when I unpack it.

I went home and refused to look into the bag. While I was holding my actually discharged IQOS in one hand, I was as white as my wall, in the other hand in a box, I held completely bright new and packed. It was the most embarrassing thing in many years. With my brother, we were giving just symbolic gifts. We're men and when he once decided to invest and make me happy, I gave him a nice big punch in the face with a double gift in front of his eyes. And he didn't move even his head and said nothing.


My dear brother, you both gave me a great present and I am really happy! No matter how much IQOS I have at home. It was obvious that you perceived my wish and I appreciate that more than the whole gift. And I can calm you.. the idea of breaking my only IQOS and I couldn't warm up another cigar few days was really unacceptable and terrible to me, so I decided to buy a spare in January. And so I already have it! And also I have both colors. You are the best brother in the world!


Update after one week

Both IQOSes live in symbiosis at home. I always forgot to charge used holder after use so neither one will stop. The white one is with me on the road and blackie is sitting at home, ready to use, while his brother is flashing red. Then comes his moment and he is happy with warming us both.

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