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Review: My first experience with IQOS electronic cigarette from Philip Morris

IQOS interested me in the summer of 2017. I love technical news and I decided to try it. My first experiences can be summed up as enthusiasm.


IQOS is sold through the Philip Morris dealers network, so I filled out a form on their website and borrowed a cigarette for a week. I received an hourly training, paid 8EUR for the first six HEETS cartridges and started testing.


IQOS consists of several parts. The cigarette box-sized charging base that you carry with you hides a bar, professionally called a vaporizer, into which a shortened HEETS cigarette is inserted. In the luxury box, you will find a cleaner and a charger with a conventional micro USB connector. See how IQOS works and how smoking works without burning.

Many steps before the first puff

It's been a lot of work from the beginning. Two to three hours to charge the base, insert the vaporizer into it, and let it rest for 4 minutes, remove the holder, insert the HEETS cartridge from the box, hold the button, wait for a few seconds to warm up the cartridge and then smoke. Operations on how to launch a shuttle to get the first one.


Fortunately, you will quickly acquire all the steps and ultimately it is not more complicated than pulling a cigarette, a lighter and burn it. 


First puff from an electronic cigarette

And then it comes - a great amount of warm smoke rinsing into your mouth, tastes like a smoky, smoldering hay, and you get a cough. IQOS does not burn but heats the tobacco enriched with glycerin in the cartridge at about 350 ° C to release nicotine, glycerin generates steam and transports it to the lungs. Breathe out a small, odor-free cloud of steam and gasp.


But you are brave, you want to do something for your health and you want to put the piece of plastic electronics immediately into the trash. You will try it much more sensitive for a second time. And the third time. You will soon understand how this miracle, developed by the traditional producer of Marlboro, allegedly worth $3 billion, works properly. The puffs must be gentle with breaks in order for the hot smoke to cool down in the filter with special cooling inserts. You have 6 minutes to smoke cigarettes, during which you can puff about 12-14 times. That's exactly like a classic cigarette. Then the stick vibrates, you have another 30 seconds for a farewell with a cigarette for 0,2EUR and that's it.  


How does IQOS taste? Spent hay or cigarette?

I smoke menthol cigarettes all my life, and I have an advantage over other smokers with IQOS. The taste of menthol is very standard. The taste is simply different. Heated fillings have oddly smell - like going past a bakery, where the baker just tell to the students that they lightly burned the morning rolls in the oven. But from the first moment, the bitterness of burned tar smells and ash are missing. Once you have done this, you will pull out the hot block and drop it into a crystal-clean ashtray. After a minute no smudge, perhaps only the smoked HEETS still resemble baked bread. And what does the tobacco in HEETS consist?

And you are coughing. About three days, someone longer. It's not that deep morning orchestra that has smokers, and it will definitely disappear within a couple of days, but it's as if the hot steam irritates your throat. I suspect that the heat releases all the junk  that has been sitting on the lungs for years. You do not know about coughing in a week, you become very excited for IQOS, you will absolutely lose the impression that it is somehow strangely tasty. Instead, you start to hate cigarettes, the smuggling seems to be wrong before, now you start to be angry like the right hateful non-smoker. A classic cigarette is suddenly in the mouth like a cumulative smoked cigarette, bitter, disgusting and smelly.


IQOS, unlike electronic cigarettes, is definitely worth every invested cent. 


After a week of testing, I bought IQOS for 70EUR including one HEETS carton. I have it for a couple of weeks, I met a couple of problems on the test piece and read more on forums and Facebook. I will write to you about them in other articles.


The conclusion is clear to me, however, if you survive the initial investment and you agree that HEETS is worth a 4EUR/box - 35EUR for a carton of 10pcs, then let everyone say anything about how unhealthy it is, you will definitely make millennia steps for your health and you will keep the pleasure of smoking. In addition, you will stop being hunted animal in the public, at the stop, in the pub, but on that again in a new chat.

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